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As an academic counselor, Stacy’s model works well. She has been helping students succeed for many years and has created lifelong bonds.

Her clients’ satisfaction is evidenced by numerous testimonials from colleagues, parents, and students.

“Before working with Stacy as an academic counselor, I was only aware of the colleges and universities in my area, I didn’t even know what criteria was important to me or how to find it in a school. While working with Stacy, she asked me questions and eventually gave me a list of colleges all over the country, even one abroad, and worked with me on applying and sorting them out until I had found the perfect one for me.”

Misty, 2018 | Santa Clara, CA | Student


“I was very overwhelmed and scared by the process of applying to colleges. As an academic counselor, Stacy helped me identify the schools that were best for me and manage all the steps and work it take to submit the best applications. She was always very responsive and answered even the smallest questions with care. I couldn’t have done it without her support.”

-Willa, 2019 | Venice, CA | Student


“Stacy was very helpful in guiding me through the tricky process of college applications and made the experience much easier. From helping me decide on which schools to apply to and aiding in writing essays and filling out the applications themselves, Stacy was there every step of the way. Her positive feedback, responsiveness, and encouraging nature helped me get focused and meet the deadlines with ease and clarified the process.”

-Tina, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA | Student


“I did plenty of my own research, but was still overwhelmed by how to narrow it down.  Stacy broke the process down into manageable steps with a timeline. AND, the best part, she took over when conversations were tense between me and my daughter, always positive and reassuring. Thank you, Stacy!”

– Pamela (Venice, CA) | Parent


“Our daughter, applying to several colleges, was struggling to get her applications organized and completed on time. Each of her applications required a different essay and a different set of questions to be answered, and although she wanted to do this on her own, it became clear that she needed guidance in order to meet her deadlines.

We found Stacy La Duke through the Independent Educational Consultants Association and decided to use her as an academic counselor even though she was 3,000 miles away. Stacy immediately established a great rapport with our daughter. Through video chats several times a week, they set schedules and put goals in place, ultimately motivating our daughter to complete all her college applications on time and in a manner that was definitely better than would have been the case without Stacy’s guidance. Everyone in our family (including our daughter) was very positive about the experience and we were glad to have found Stacy.”

 – Kathleen & Greg | Potomac, MD | Parents


“Stacy was able to focus our daughter in a nurturing manner. There were days that my daughter would cry with the mountain of work that needed to be prepared for college prep and Stacy always made herself available to talk. Stacy’s schedule and process really works! We know month to month what needs to get done so we don’t have to worry about any surprises!Many parents are always asking me what to do next and all I can say is Thank you Stacy! We could not have done this without you!”

– Tatiana & Carlos | Venice, CA | Parents


“With calm and focused insight, Stacy helped my son choose just the right university. She understood his strengths and was sensitive to the type of school environment that would be the best fit for him. Her academic counselor guidance was invaluable in simplifying and clarifying the entire college selection process.”
-Lorna | Venice, CA | Parent


“I want you to know that Stacy consistently worked hard, kept all of us on task, persistently advocated for John, and provided ever-present support to John, and David, and me. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ride, and Stacy has been with us all the way. We are eternally grateful to her.”
-Debby | Santa Monica, CA | Parent


“Stacy worked with both my son, Alex, and my daughter, Emily, at their high school, providing college counseling and support. She guided them through the application process, and helped them keep track of timelines and paperwork. In addition, Stacy made sure to get to know them personally and wrote insightful recommendations. We are all pleased to have been able to work with her.”
-Nancy | Santa Monica, CA | Parent


“The characteristic that most clearly represents Stacy is her professionalism. A natural “team player,” Stacy is always ready for a challenge. She continually displays a quiet confidence and maturity in her work. As a ‘self-starter’ with a strong work ethic, she maintains a high standard of personal performance and is constantly looking for ways to improve her skills. She is friendly, approachable, and has excellent communication skills. She takes a specific interest in the growth and development of each student.”

-Rita | Saratoga, CA

“Stacy is fun to work with, but in addition to that, she is professional, reliable, hard-working, and organized. Stacy does have a great deal of experience which has given her the confidence and leadership skills necessary to work with young people in college admissions counseling.”

-Ruth | Santa Monica, CA


“There are several characteristics that set Stacy apart from other counselors. Stacy has the innate ability to get to the heart of any subject. Her interactions with colleagues, parents, and students are all professional, positive, and appropriate. Though she is effective in collaborative/team situations, Stacy truly shines as a leader. She has laughter in her heart and dedication in her soul.”

-Leslie | Santa Monica, CA

“Stacy has a calm demeanor and exhibits professionalism in all situations. She has a wealth of knowledge in both social-emotional and academic counseling and continues to deepen her skill set by attending conferences and training in college admissions. What makes Stacy stand out from other counselors is her willingness to go above and beyond to create a positive school environment.”

-Rebecca | Santa Monica, CA

“Knowing her for over twenty years, I can see that college counseling is not only her passion, but also her gift.”

-Kris | Scotts Valley, CA

“To say that Stacy is remarkable is an understatement. Her dedication and compassionate nature allows students to easily connect with her. Her manner is friendly and non- threatening. She treats every student with respect; she is patient and kind. Students are drawn to her, resulting in better connections and stronger relationships. Her understanding of students’ needs is superb and it is evident that her knowledge base related to education matters is solid.”

-Linda | Santa Monica, CA


“Stacy is one of the most well-respected figures by all members of our learning community. She connects with students easily, and is very perceptive to their individual needs; consequently, she carefully customizes the guidance and intervention that best suits each person. She is warm, friendly, and very approachable, and is a compassionate and empathetic listener. Our students always feel welcome to seek her counsel and guidance on any issues or concerns.”

-Angela | Santa Monica, CA

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