Summer Seminars for Rising Seniors

Dear Class of 2020:

Do you want to get a jump start on your college applications? Do you want to be
organized in advance so you’re not stressed out fall of senior year? Yes, you do!
Here is how to proceed:

1. Tell your parents you have this brilliant idea that you want to start preparing
for applying to college.

2. Have your parents contact to reserve
your spot today!

3. Show up to the Summer Seminar with Stacy with a sunny attitude and a
willingness to get started.

Only 3 sessions are offered and limited spaces are offered per session.
Sessions are 2 hours in length and a meal is provided. Cost is $50 per student;
siblings in the same grad year cost is $75.

Session I: May 30 @ 5:30pm
Session II: June 15 @ 6:15pm
Session III: June 30 @ 6:30 pm

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