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get empowered.

college counseling:

The bridge for students to succeed.

As an independent counselor, Stacy La Duke offers college admissions assistance for students, but becomes so much more. She becomes a confidant, a guiding force, a resource for support. College planning can only go so far; the student also needs the confidence to take the next step on their own.

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"Knowing her for over twenty years, I can see that college counseling is not only her passion, but also her gift."

Kris, Scotts Valley, CA

"She works exceptionally hard and never lets her feathers get ruffled, which are especially important qualities to exude during the increasingly high stakes college admissions process."

Cindy, Venice, CA

"Her understanding of students’ needs is superb and it is evident that her knowledge base related to education matters is solid."

Linda, Santa Monica, CA

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Admissions Process

The admissions process shouldn’t be paralyzing. It should be an exploration of the student’s unique skills and attributes which Stacy can help uncover and use to plan realistic and appropriate career paths. From Texas to Washington D.C., Stacy’s former students have been accepted to colleges nationwide and even internationally.

Her approach toward college admissions assistance works, and it works well. As a former high school advisor, she has seen all sides to the college process. Paired with her certifications, education, and outlook on life, she makes college admissions assistance a worthwhile investment.

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How It Works

Applying to college can be stressful for both the student and the parents. By personalizing the college application process, Stacy La Duke of La Duke College Counseling will help high school students reach their goals and get into the college that’s right for them.

  • plan high school curriculum
  • brainstorm potential essay topics
  • assist in developing college application essays, personal statements, and supplemental essays specific to colleges
  • create a balanced list of specific colleges
  • review PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores
  • recommend which SAT Subject Tests to take
  • prepare for a college interview
  • develop a résumé of extracurricular activities
  • guide student athletes through the process of eligibility to play sports in college


should believe in themselves.


should feel empowered to take the next step.


should look forward to bright futures.



Depending on the service package, Stacy will be a resource through the school year as the student goes through the college admissions process. Stacy communicates with the student and the parents through CounselMore, a secure program where all the student’s information is stored. CounselMore helps everyone, including the student, parents or guardians, and Stacy, stay organized, involved, and on top of deadlines.

college admissions assistance CounselMore
college admissions assistance CounselMore

La Duke College Counseling, Planning for the Future.

Stacy La Duke helps plan curriculums for high school students. By doing so, she prepares them to apply for college and helps them decide the best fit. Stacy is professional, relatable, and experienced, making her a great resource for both the parent and the student. Navigating the college application process is easier with Stacy by your side.